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Your Perfect Home is like a Healthy Relationship

Statistics seem to indicate that negative space and less clutter, whether emotional or physical, leads to healthier relationships. Too much of a good thing minimizes its goodness. So it is with your perfectly styled home. Accents, whether delicate or bold are intended to augment but not overpower. For example, the centerpiece of your home, the kitchen, can be magnificent in its simple elegance. Featuring stylish island chairs with slender black steel bases, that stand out boldly in the expanse behind them.

Your Fireplace, heals your soul; respect it, protect it!

If you are entertaining guests, as you surely will be, your great room and specifically the fireplace will be an area of keen interest. You can have a gas log fireplace, but this only works for so long. To really find spiritual solace, one needs to stare into and feel the permeating heat of a wood fueled fire. What will contain this crackling inferno, allowing it to consume your worries, but not your house? One option is a hand forged fire screen with a customized logo or emblem with accompanying reclaimed and irons.

The Secret Cellar

Who knows what all is in the basement. Treasures, secrets, clutter perhaps. But most importantly, it houses your wine collection…the social lubricant for every successful house party. This room is no secret though, or at least it shouldn’t be. The best way to accentuate its grandeur is with a well back lit steel and glass door. The door shows off while still protecting your climate control with its insulated glass and weather-stripped frame. All you have to do is stand back and admire, then go inside to retrieve the magic potions. Wear a sweater though….just in case you want to stay a minute to smell the barnwood, feel the cork floor, or admire the countless stainless steel pins supporting the bottles!

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