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3 Rules of Timeless Design

Homebuyers and contractors across the United States have been affected, perhaps infected, by cable television shows that all but promise a quick and affordable “Fixer Upper.” From professional “flippers” to homeowners looking for the ideal transformation, the notion of buying an out-of-date home and transforming it into a dream has captivated the ideas, illusions and delusions of want-to-be designers. The reality is simple. Updating a home is expensive and full of unexpected troubles and expenses. If you are looking to start a transformation or even better, looking to build a house from the ground up, now is the time to think about TIMELESS DESIGN.

While building methods, codes and trends will always evolve, home builders and renovators can limit or even eliminate the progression of the dreaded “dated house” by incorporating durable and minimalist features that stand the test of time.

1. Create A Focal Point

Powerful focal points are important to both the exterior and interior of any timeless home. Why not start with the entry door by framing your landscape with French Doors surrounded with a coordinating window wall?

2. Use Quality Materials

One of the biggest benefits of modern home design is the use of ever-lasting products such as steel framed windows. The following accordion, 3-panel window serves as the perfect kitchen and porch pass through, allowing for durable function and eye-catching design.

3. Consider Symmetry

Symmetry is a crucial consideration when you are trying to create a classic look. The human eye naturally seeks balance. The following windows show the perfect combination of creating symmetry by incorporating matching side windows while also providing a focal point with a large scale fixed window in the center.

While design trends may come and go, customized windows and doors allow for breath taking options that create seamless living between the interior and exterior spaces of your home. The fact that these materials also offer unmatched durability and function is simply a bonus for homeowners seeking TIMELESS DESIGN.

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