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Open Floor Plans, Private Spaces

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

One of the advantages of modern architecture is the concept of openness. Creative floor plans that meld rambling conversations with culinary excellence and youthful delight. Sitting rooms bleed into kitchens, which open up to tables near windows where board games are played amid friendly banter and competitive exchanges.

Privacy, please!

The downside to lots of open space is, well, everything is open; privacy is at a premium. One remedy to this dilemma may be to use some steel and glass to cordon off alcoves and simulate solitude. For example, an office space with a floor to ceiling enclosure might alleviate some internal conflict without compromising the desire for openness.

I still see you

If you love the feeling of freedom on the main level, transitioning to the upstairs without a disconnect might seem tricky. This is where a set of steel open riser stairs and a steel and glass panel railing might be the answer. Clean, elegant and sophisticated, this look will draw your eyes upward, making the whole space seem even more grand! A double top railing is daring, but the brushed stainless steel just feels right under your hand!

Whose idea was this?

Or you may want something more traditional, retaining the modern affect, but eliminating a sense of vertigo as you ascend. A horizontally oriented railing is stylish but different - making a statement of class without you feeling unprotected. Decorative elements, discreet and uncompromising can be worked in, without going overboard. Simple, magnificent, bold.

This look sets your home apart, and brings the house together, without feeling claustrophobic and overwhelming. The grandeur transcends traditional architecture by utilizing unusual innovation and nontraditional styling.

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