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Accentuating Your Modern Home

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Trends come and go. In the mountains, homeowners may feel compelled to honor a perceived mountain-esk motif. Heavy wooden beams, dark paneling, twisted laurel railings and dark flooring. If there is a plethora of natural lighting, this approach can work well, but often the wood absorbs the light and the walls may start to close in. An alternative approach that seems to be more timeless, utilizes a combination of brighter whites, blues, grays, dark stains, black steel, and a few strategically placed beams as an accent. Bathrooms and kitchens are an obvious place to start making a statement.

Creating an Enduring Look

in Your Master Bathroom

Incorporating a reclaimed barnwood ceiling with the white walls, bright fixtures and ultra modern and ever-popular checkerboard tile pattern, brings this room to life. Add in a black steel shower enclosure and heavy green marble sinks on custom steel bases, and you pretty much stand alone as a style leader in your area. Here you can relax alone and unwind from the day, finding peace of mind, before you head into your clean, inviting kitchen area for some drinks and social interaction.

Taking your Kitchen Outside of the House

You can have the most magnificent great room, but where will everyone eventually congregate? In the kitchen, of course. Lounging on the bar stools, drinking, snacking and watching the purveyors of fine foods work their magic. But its a nice day, so eventually some make their way onto the screened porch, but they don't want to come inside every time they need something. This is where your accordion steel window comes into play. Open it wide and make your pass-through fully functional. 

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